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Ancient Egypt to Birmingham Art and History Museum

The children were a credit to the school during their visit to the Birmingham Art and History Museum in the city centre.

During the day they took part in 3 interactive sessions on:

Workshop 1: Mummification 

  • Why and how the Egyptian's mummified their bodies.
  • Which organs were removed from the body and stored in canopic jars. 
  • What happened to the brain.
  • Which Gods and Goddesses were important in deciding if the body would be accepted into the afterlife.


Workshop 2: Ancient Egyptian Artefacts

  • Handle genuine Ancient Egyptian artefacts which are over 3,000 years old
  • Use photography to document them
  • Learn about how museums handle and care for such ancient objects 

Workshop 3:Museum Gallery Treasure Hunt and Amulet Art

  • Be a historical detective and find the Egyptian artefacts
  • Understand more about amulets and make an amulet necklace.

Please see below for photos on the day.


Gallery - Please click to view.