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West Midlands' Primary Schools KES Maths Competition 


The KES maths challenge is a fun competition designed for teams of four able mathematicians.  Schools from all over the West Midlands are invited to take part and winners of the heats go through to a final.  Generally around 90 schools take part in each competition. 

The challenge consists of:

  • A crossnumber which will involves team members working together to solve as many clues of a mathematical crossword as they can.
  • A relay race where the team splits into two pairs and each pair have to solve a mathematical puzzle before passing on the next mathematical puzzle to the other half of their team.


St. Peter's are very proud of all the children who have represented the school in these competitions. We have been very successful over the last 5 years when completing against some of the most able mathematicians across the county and this demonstrates how St. Peter's nurtures the children's mathematical talents and encourages them to always strive for excellence and outstanding achievement.   


Past Competition Results


Year 4 Overall Winners 2017/18 

Ritvik Pati, Elliott Dawlatly, Ritvik Venkataramanan, Troy Yoruk-Woodward


Year 5 Heat Winners and Finalists 2017/18 

Nicky Khazaei, Lily Whigham, Milli Roe, Zaynab Hashmi


Year 4 Overall Winners 2016/17   

Lily Whigham, Milli Roe, Benjamin Snook, Dan Manish 


Year 6 Overall Winner 2016/17          

Ewan Denniston, Rohan Reynolds-Korotania, Asher Wei, Thomas Haldane


Year 6 Overall Winner 2015/16           

Hanisha Tahli, Rick Zheng, Ahura Barazesh and Jack Herbert 


Year 4 Winners 2014/15   

Seth Allen, Samuel Rotherham, Ewan Dennistan and Thomas Haldane 



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