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Viba Pavan Kumar

I am originally from Bangalore (India).  My husband and I moved to Birmingham in 2002 and except for a short stint in Nottingham we haven't ventured far from Harborne!  Both our children attend St. Peter's CE Primary school in Y3 and Y1.
I work as a clinical psychologist for Birmingham & Solihull mental Health Foundation NHS Trust.  I am also actively involved with forums and support groups for people with Down's Syndrome and have been part of local and national campaigns aimed at creating positive awareness about Down's Syndrome.  I find writing very cathartic, and regularly contribute as a guest blogger on various forums/websites.
As a parent of a child with SEN, I try and keep up to date with good practice guidelines (inclusive education), research updates in relevant areas grants and government policies on education/inclusion in mainstream settings.  I also work closely with local support groups and have access to parent networks both locally and nationally.
I look forward to working with the staff, parents and my colleagues on the governing body of St peter's CE Primary School.  If there are any issues that you may want to bring to our attention or if there are any concerns that may need addressing, please feel free to contact me by email ( Alternatively, I'm happy to have a quick chat during the school run.