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Spring Term  2019


In Reception class the children have been learning about 'People Who Help us'. They used junk to make vehicles, police stations and fire stations. The children were able to construct with a purpose in mind, using a variety of resources and used tools to assemble and join the materials they were using. 

 Some children were even able to adapt their work and talk about the reasons why.




Oliver loved making an ambulance station and ambulance. He cut off the side of the box and stuck it back on using sellotape. Oliver said 'the door automatically closes and the ambulances need to get out quickly'. 



For World Book Day Reception had to draw a picture of their favourite character from a story book. They then had to use this design to recreate their character using potatoes. Take a look at some our amazing potato characters and see if you can can spot some popular children's book characters. 









In Year 1 as part of their 'Splendid Skies' topic the children learnt all about different materials.

During science lessons the children compared and grouped together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of their simple physical properties. They then chose the best material to use to make an appealing sun catcher. 

All children designed, made and evaluated their sun catcher. Take a look at some of their wonderful designs. 






I absolutely love your solar system design Joe. Well done!





What a great evaluation Iona! 


Year 2 have been learning all about Australia this term. They started by understanding how long ago the aboriginal people lived and about the beautiful paintings they made. The children looked at examples of aboriginal art and spoke about how they could have made these marks and what tools they could have used. They also talked about the colours of the artwork and why there wasn't purple or glow in the dark paints. 

The children have recreated some of their own aboriginal art. They are very effective as i'm sure you will agree.







The children continued to learn about Australia by exploring the wonderful habitat of the Great Barrier Reef. In geography lessons the children located the reef and talked about its features. Year 2 also spoke about the detrimental effects that human life is having on the reef and what we can do now to preserve it.

The children then designed, made and evaluated their own fish. 









Sketchbooks are a great way for us to record our progress in Key Stage Two and every child from Year 3 up to Year 6, has one. It’s not just a book – it is a space where children can freely express, create, develop and learn, often with limited guidance from the teacher. The sketchbook should be at the centre of their creativity. Have a look at some of our recent sketchbook work...


Year 3 






Year 6 have been doing some creative work designing and drawing their own creatures based on the book 'The Arrival' by Shuan Tan. The children have created their own fantasy creatures by amalgamating different animals. We especially like the 'cowliz'. 




St Peter's are proud to host Emma from The Creation Station every Friday after school.

Create club gives our KS1 children the chance to explore new materials, design and make lots of different pieces to take home. This term our topic has been 'The art of science'.

Check out some of the creations we have made this term. 



Create Club really enjoyed the week that we made slime! 



The children drew around their hands and coloured in the lines to form optical illusions. 



The children also made their own solar systems. They used paint to print stars onto a black background and used a lolly pop stick to spread a mixture of paint and flour to make a moon.