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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Miss Howarth/Mrs James and Mr Martin

Mrs Cudd, Miss Flint, Mrs Bruce, Mrs Gurney, Ms Malik and Mr Jarrett

Welcome back! We hope that you have enjoyed your summer break and are now well rested and ready to take on the challenges of ‘Year 4’.
We have so much to look forward to this academic year, with the new national curriculum providing some exciting and thought provoking foundation topics.


• Autumn Term- Pharaohs

• Spring Term- I am Warrior (Romans) & Burps, Bottoms and Bile (Digestion)

• Summer Term – Road Trip USA & Potions (Solids, Liquids and Gases)

This half term our new topic is...


We will be following a thematic approach and linking subjects where we can.

This foundation topic has a strong history and geography focus and gives children the opportunity to apply the geographical skills they have already acquired. At the heart of this topic, children will study what life in Ancient Egypt would have been like.


  • Fiction: Ruth Miskin - Lost or Stolen by Narinder Dhami (discrete). A dilemma story. Jumanji (Chris Van Allsburg) – Writing in role and narrative. Non-Fiction: Children will write instructional texts related their current foundation topic (Ancient Egypt). Children will also study a unit of Poetry.
    • Grammar and punctuation exercises.
    • Common spelling patterns.
    • ERIC - Daily reading sessions in class.
    • Fortnightly reading comprehension to improve the children's understanding of a range of texts. (Topic related where possible)
    • Handwriting - Revision of letter formation and basic joins. Learning will then be put into practise in all lessons.


    • Pupils will revisit and regularly practise Times Tables knowledge, working towards immediate recall of all multiplication and division facts up to 12 times table.
    • Children will study place value of numbers and apply this knowledge to problem solving.
    • Children will study: Place Value and Addition & Subtraction.
    • The pupils will be set regular challenges on the Manga High and Active Learn websites. The challenges help the children to practise and consolidate maths concepts, which are being covered during lessons. Last year, it had a very positive impact on the progress of the children who regularly completed the challenges, so please encourage your child to log onto their account at home.
    • The children will have a weekly mental maths test and times tables test/maths badges. Please practise badges at home (these can be found on the Maths page of the school website).

Science - Electricity
(Delivered by Mrs James for 4H)

Pupils will be taught to:

  • identify examples of mains and battery powered electricity and how to use these safely
  • make and test electrical circuits
  • investigate electrical conductors and insulators
  • relate electrical conductivity of materials to their uses in plugs and wires
  • research scientists and their contributions to electricity.

History - Pharaohs

The children will:

    • Place Ancient Egypt on a timeline and identify key events
    • Investigate 'Everyday Life' - Jobs/Houses/Fashion/Writing
    • Investigate 'The Afterlife' - Mummification/Tombs/Gods
    • Study the significant pharaohs of ancient Egypt.
    • Complete a homework project to produce a model/picture relating to ancient Egypt.

Geography - Pharoahs

The children will:

  • Locate Egypt and the surrounding countries on a world map.
  • Identify geographical features in ancient Egypt
  • Investigate how the ancient Egyptians farmed and produced
  • Study the geographical location and importance of the River Nile to the ancient Egyptians.

D.T/Art - Pharaohs

The children will:

  • Design a Pharaoh's Death Mask
  • Write their name in hieroglyphics
  • Use clay to make Egyptian amulets
  • Make Egyptian sweets
  • Design and make an Egyptian model (Homework Project)

(Delivered by Mr Jarrett for 4H)

    • This term's unit is 'Happiness and Joy’.
    • The children will set classroom rules and think about their goals for the year.
    • They will visit the 'Life Caravan' and discuss 'Making Sensible Choices' and 'The effects of smoking and alcohol on the body'.
    • We will also be following a RE scheme of work for Chistmas and Year 4 will deliver the Nativity Service in church at the end of Term.


  • PE - Hockey (Every Thursday)
  • Swimming will commence in the Spring Term



(Delivered by Mr Jarrett)


    • Revision of numbers to 40
    • Colours
    • Days of the week/Months of the year.
    • Animals


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