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The Nursery Team:


Miss Burton - Teacher 

Mrs Wilding - Teaching Assistant  

Mrs Philips - Teaching Assistant

This week we have been looking at simple 2D shapes and selecting shapes to make pictures.

Maths: 30-50Shows an interest in shape, playing with shape or making arrangements with objects. 

Shows interest in shapes by sustained construction activity or by talking about shapes or arrangements. 

Uses shape  appropriately for tasks.  

Beginning to talk about the shape of everyday objects eg round, straight


Please join us in Nursery every Tuesday morning to help your child select a book to take home.

Books are changed every week.

Please note that book bags need only be brought into Nursery on Tuesdays for Book Change.

Thank you!



Wellington boots: To keep your child’s shoes looking new, your child will need to bring in a pair of wellington boots that they will change into when they play in the outside area. They will need to be in a bag (preferably cotton) that the children can open and close themselves and this should also be labelled with their name.
Pumps: the children will need to bring in a pair of pumps that are also kept in school for when they have their PE lesson in the hall. These should be labelled, but the bags for the pumps are provided by the Nursery.
Clothing: Please label all items of their school uniform and especially wellington boots, pumps and shoes as they can all look the same! The children dress up and remove layers of clothing which can easily become lost if not labelled clearly.
School bags: Space is at a premium, so ideally the children only need to bring one bag preferably a book bag.

We ask for a contribution of £1 per week which we use to purchase resources for Nursery, such as ingredients for playdoh, cooking and craft resources. This can be given directly to the Nursery staff and can be paid weekly or termly


Toys in Nursery
Please can we ask that children do not enter the Nursery with toys. They are often left behind, lost or get broken.

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