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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6
Miss Gibson and Mr Burton
Ms Malik, Mrs Rigby

Mr Jarret and Mrs James 

Welcome back! We hope that you have enjoyed the Easter break and are well rested and ready to continue with all of your hard work.


We have a very busy half-term to look forward to as we approach the End of Key Stage 2 Tests (week beginning Monday 14th May). Further information on the dates of specific tests can be found in the dates and events section at the bottom of this page. 

Half Termly Topics

• Autumn 1- Tomorrow’s World
• Autumn 2- A Child’s War
• Spring 1- A Child’s War
• Spring 2- Darwin’s Delight
• Summer 1- Darwin's Delight/Frozen Earth
Summer 2- Frozen Earth/Lake District 

This half term we will continue with our topic:


Darwin's Delight 


This foundation topic primarily has a scientific and history focus.

As part of this topic children will learn to:

  • create a timeline of Charles Darwin's life
  • understand the importance of Darwin's HMS Beagle voyage
  • carry out a virtual exploration of the Galapagos Islands
  • explain scientific concepts of inheritance, adaptation and evolution
  • understand and explore arguments for both the creation and evolution perspectives.



What else will Year 6 be doing this half term?





 This half term, we will continue to study 'Clockwork' by Phillip Pullman. As part of this unit, children will learn to:

  • write a journal entry in role
  • write a biography
  • write a narrative




'The Lost Thing'


We will then begin a unit of work based on the text 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan. As part of this unit of work, children will:


  • write a school report for a character
  • design and create their own 'Lost Things'
  • write a new version of the story based on their new characters.


We will also begin a poetry unit of work based upon poems by James Carter and Rachel Rooney. At the end of this unit, children will write a comparative essay, comparing the themes, meaning and messages of these poems






In Year 6 the children are split into 2 maths groups.
Children will study: Number, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics. (Please see Maths Curriculum Page for more information on the Year 6 Programme of Study)
The pupils will be set regular challenges on the Manga High and ActiveLearn websites.  The challenges help the children to practise and consolidate maths concepts, which are being covered during lessons.  Last year, it had a very positive impact on the progress of the children who regularly completed the challenges, so please encourage your child to log onto their account at home.


Science this half term will focus on ‘Evolution and Inheritance'.

The children will continue to develop their scientific ability to carry out observations and investigations.

Children will also learn to:

  • explain the scientific concept of inheritance
  • demonstrate an understanding of the scientific meaning of adaptation
  • identify the key ideas of the theory of evolution
  • identify evidence for evolution from fossil records
  • understand how humans have evolved
  • explain how adaptation can result in both advantages and disadvantages
  • explain how human intervention affects evolution





Religious Education



This half term, children will cover topics including Expressing Joy and Pentecost. 

This half term, both year 6 classes will continue to have a weekly PE lesson on a Wednesday afternoon
The focus for this half term will striking and fielding. 


Dates and Events

Homework is to be handed in every Wednesday

16th April 

Teacher Training Day


24th April

Class photos


7th May

Bank Holiday (school closed)


14th May

SATs Week

Monday 14th - GPS test

Tuesday 15th - Reading test

Wednesday 16th - Maths test

Thursday 17th - Maths test 


23rd May

Share my pen day


25th May

Break up for half term


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