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English is the cornerstone of all learning. English consists of speaking and listening, writing, reading, spelling and grammar. At St Peter's we believe that good literacy skills are of utmost importance to all pupils, in order for them to access the whole curriculum and to achieve their full potential.
As a school, throughout the year, we aim to make the teaching of English, exciting, enjoyable, innovative and thought provoking.We encourage storytellers, publishers and authors to visit school as part of our annual Book Week celebration. Some of our more able writers will attend workshops led by prominent authors or poets etc. We hold book fayres at school, introducing the children to new genres and new authors. The children are encouraged to develop a genuine love of literacy, love of books and storytelling.
We value parental involvement in developing the literacy skills of our pupils. We are particularly keen for parents/ carers to support their children with reading and spelling activities that are sent home as part of the learning beyond the classroom.

Speaking and Listening

This is seen as a vital element of every lesson. Children are encouraged to voice opinions and share ideas with "Talk Partners", in small groups and whole class situations.
The children are encouraged to actively play a part in their own learning. As a school we aim to include activities such as: role play, poetry reciting, word games, dictionary skills, play writing, hot seating, class assemblies and drama, in order to develop speaking and listening skills.


Children are taught to write for a wide range of purposes across the curriculum. These include forms of fiction, non fiction and poetry. As they go through the school they continue to build upon their understanding of text types and grammar.
We encourage the children to develop a cursive script for handwriting and build up a knowledge bank of spelling patterns.
Children are encouraged to draft and redraft their work. Talk For Writing, self assessment and peer assessment play an important role in our daily lessons.


At St Peter's we promote a "love of reading" and encourage the children to read a variety of different authors and different genres. The children are exposed to quality texts through our Literacy and Language scheme.
Our aim is for our children to be confident, enthusiastic readers, who are able to read for meaning and enjoyment. Reading is a crucial element of learning for everyone. Research suggests that those who read well are also those who write well. 
We have a structured reading scheme at St Peter's. We mainly follow the Oxford Reading Scheme but have supplemented it with others schemes including Read Write Inc for the Early Years and Key Stage One.
Alongside this we have structured phonics lessons based on Letters and Sounds, which help with the decoding of words and the learning of "tricky" words.
Children participate in regular Guided Reading sessions and also read on a 1:1 basis with adults throughout the school. Through our teaching of reading children are encouraged to develop higher order reading skills such as inference and deduction.
In addition we have a well stocked library in both departments, with the library being open during and after school. Children in years 5 and 6 are trained as librarians to help with its smooth running.