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Reception offer day - 16th April 2021

If you have received your offer for a place at St. Peter's you need do nothing at present and school will be in contact with you shortly.

You only need to contact BCC School Admissions team if you are REFUSING your offer. Deadline to do this is Friday 30th April 2021. Do this by emailing BCC.

If you did not receive an offer of a place at your higher preference schools, your child's name will automatically be placed on the waiting lists of these schools. Information on waiting list positions will not be available until 7th May, giving time for related movement and time to generate accurate lists. You can contact school direct after the 7th May for waiting list information.



If you wish to make an in-year application for your child to attend St Peter's then please come along to the school office on the infant site and pick up an in-year application form.You will need to provide proof of address (utility bill) and a birth certificate or passport  as proof of date of birth.  If we are unable to offer you a place due to our numbers being at full capacity, we will happily add you to our waiting list. Alternatively you can phone Admissions on 0121-303-1888 for further assistance. 


In-year-application forms are available from the Infant office, School Admissions and the St  Peter's website. 


We will contact you by phone if a position at St Peter's becomes available.


 In Year Applications can be e-mailed to:



To apply for a Reception 2021 place you need to visit and apply now. The closing date for applications is 15th January 2021. All applications need to made online to admissions. If you have an older child at St Peter's already you will still need to make an application for a place. Also if you have a child attending our Nursery you will need to make an application as attending our Nursery does not guarantee a place at St Peter's. 


Thank you. 


Just a reminder Applications for September 2021 needs to be submitted to Birmingham City Council by 11.59pm on Friday 15th January 2021.

Year 7 Applications


Just a reminder that all Applications for your child's secondary school should be submitted by 31st October 2020.  You need to access Birmingham City Council's webpage for further details:


To apply online: admissions


The direct link to the application page is: