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Curriculum Intent

St. Peter’s school curriculum is stimulating and challenging, knowledge rich and aims to broaden minds, develop natural inquisitiveness, instill joy in discovery and make links between different aspects of learning. We want to enable our children to work cooperatively with others, develop their independence and foster creativity; nurturing and developing well rounded positive, responsible and caring individuals. Our curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced and identifies key skills and knowledge to be taught across the subjects in each year group. Our children study the full curriculum with a broad range of subjects which reflects the school’s local context. There is a balance maintained in Y6 between preparing the children for SATs whilst still ensuring the pupils access an engaging curriculum through a full range of subjects. Trips are linked to our curriculum to give pupils experiences outside of school. The recovery curriculum was put in place from September 2020, and we continue to monitor and address gaps in learning.


Curriculum Implementation

Teachers are enthusiastic about the subjects they teach. They sequence lessons, break down the learning into manageable parts and provide the children with opportunities to retrieve prior learning, reflect on their learning and build on this. Children are also helped to understand why their learning is important and its relevance within the bigger picture, making links across different subject domains. Teachers know what the main focus of learning is, and the end points for each year group and key stage. Key knowledge has been set out in each subject so that teachers are clear about what pupils have to remember in their long-term memory. Teachers are confident enough to adjust their plans if they find that pupils are struggling with a concept, or they are finding things easier than anticipated. Children are encouraged to ask questions and explain their learning to others on a regular basis.

Please refer to the subject links below for information about how each subject is delivered.


Curriculum Impact

All staff have high expectations of all children and children’s work across the curriculum is of good quality. Historically the school has been proud of its end of key stage outcomes as we have been above national in most cases. School uses Insight Tracker to check on the progress being made by all pupils in every year group. Termly pupil progress meetings focus on the children who have not made expected progress. Interventions and strategies are discussed with teachers to ensure these pupils do not fall further behind and catch up.