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   Welcome to St Peter's Music Page


Music has been proven to have a huge impact on a child’s learning, well-being and social engagement. The role of music is more important now, during a global crisis, than ever. Therefore, at St Peter’s we have continued to teach music in a safe way to maintain a positive learning environment. 



Instrumental Tuition

There is a wide variety of instrumental tuition available at St Peter's, which we are keen to get up and running for the children in the Spring term.

The tuition on offer is:

KS1 (Years 1 to 2): Ukulele, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Upper Strings

KS2 (Year 3 to 6): Brass, Upper Strings, Guitar - Acoustic, Electric and Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Woodwind and Vocals. 

The cost will vary from £4.50 up to £18.00, per lesson, depending on what tuition you choose. There will be a rental charge from RAD for the instruments if you would like your child to bring them home to practice.

Drums will still be continuing with Richard Denniston and a school invoice will be sent out to parents for this service as before. Please inform the Junior Office should you with your child to receive drumming lessons. These lessons will be £7.50 per week.


Totally RAD Music will be sending out a letter to all parents, for Year 1 up to Year 6 which will include tuition and the payment options. If you are interested, please return the letter with your child's requirements.

Below you will find a fantastic selection of websites to support your child's learning at home. 


YUMU - YUMU is an online space where children can learn, play and develop their music knowledge. Your child will receive their log in details from their teacher shortly. A range of YUMU packages will be available to extend your child's learning. 


Singing Hands - A lovely YouTube channel that introduces you to the amazing world of signing with Makaton. Their enthusiastic approach is designed to help develop communication through music, and focus on learning language in a way that is motivating, engaging and most of all, fun! Have a go at learning a song! 


BBC Ten Pieces - On this website, you can select pieces of music to watch and listen to being played by an orchestra. BBC Ten Pieces also have some suggestions for how to get arty, such as after listening to a great piece of music, create some inspired artwork in response. Also, the children can take part in an interactive live lesson, as well as exploring rhythm and pulse. 






Nursery taking part in a BoogieMites lesson. 





Reception are having lots of fun learning to play the Glockenspiel during Music lessons. 




Key Stage One


Year One

Year One learning to play the notes C and D on the Glockenspiels. 





Key Stage Two