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Welcome to our Special Educational Needs (SEN) page

SEN Team:

Mrs J Campbell - SENCO

 Mrs C Parker - SEN TA & Lead for ASD,            Miss K Bishton - SEN TA & Lead for S&L

A number of children may experience difficulty in their learning at some point during their education. Often support in class will mean that most children overcome their difficulties quickly and easily. However, a few children will need extra help for some or all of their time in school.

Please click on links below to access more information about our ‘Special Educational Needs’ provision at St. Peter’s.

Whats coming up.....

Birmingham city Council are hosting a series of Webinars about the support services available to schools and families of children with SEN and what type of support they offer.  For more information, please see the flyers below. 

To book a place, click on the documents here and click on the link provided.

Parent Workshops / Coffee Mornings

There are currently no new SEN parent workshops planned.