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The new science curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils have opportunities to; develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding, participate in different types of science enquiries to help answer scientific questions and equip the children with a range of scientific knowledge.
Science at St Peter’ s is taught where possible in a cross curricular way, linked to the Cornerstones Curriculum. Where this is not possible some areas of science are taught discretely. At St Peter’s we aim to make our lessons fun and enjoyable and allow children to partake in practical lessons and play a role in generating questions of things they would like to test.  
Throughout the year children are given opportunities to participate in a range of activities such as: science clubs, science assemblies, an annual visit to a workshop at ‘The Health Education Caravan’ and trips linked to science topics. We are fortunate that we can use the school grounds and local environment to access and revisit topics, this is particularly useful for gardening club.
At St Peter’s we value parental involvement. In the past we have had parents come into school and lead talks about medicines, plant walks, geology and the weather.