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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6
Miss Warmington and Mr Brown
Ms Malik, Mrs Gurney and Miss Flint

Mr Jarret and Mrs James 

Welcome back! We hope that you have enjoyed the summer break and are well rested and ready to work hard this half term!
We have so much to look forward to this half-term, with the new national curriculum providing some exciting and thought provoking foundation topics.

Half Termly Topics

• Autumn 1- Tomorrow’s World
• Autumn 2- Frozen Kingdom
• Spring 1- A Child’s War
• Spring 2- A Child's War
• Summer 1- Darwin's Delight
Summer 2- Lake District & Moving On

This half term we will begin our topic

 Tomorrow's World




This foundation topic primarily has a geography and history focus.

As part of this topic children will learn to:

  • identify the Arctic and Antarctic Circle on a world map using atlases.
  • research the similarities and differences between the Arctic and Antarctica
  • create a timeline of the Titanic's voyage and discuss the factors which caused the ship to sink
  • consider the damage being caused by Global Warming to the Polar regions and think about how we can prevent this
  • identify key Polar explorers and research their lives 
  • create artwork based on the Northern Lights 
  • consider the effect of technology in the future.

What else will Year 6 be doing this half term?



Shackleton's Journey 



This half term, children will begin a unit of work based on 'Shackleton's Journey' by William Grill. As part of this work children will learn to:

  • write a letter of application to become a crew member onboard the Endurance
  • write an interview with one of the crew members, Henry McNeish
  • create a logbook, detailing the journey and feelings of one of the crewmembers 
  • write a biography of a famous Polar explorer





We have now moved onto working with fractions. Children should be simplify fractions by using the highest common factor and understand and recognise equivalence between fractions. We will use the four operations with fractions and children will have lots of opportunity for problem solving during lessons in order to apply their knowledge in different contexts. We will then move on to studying ratio as well as measurement.  (Please see Maths Curriculum Page for more information on the Year 6 Programme of Study). We are now using Times Tables Rockstars: children will complete a paper-based exercise in lessons but have the opportunity to develop their times table and related division facts by using the TT Rockstars. Each child has their own individual log on and password. Please encourage the children to use this resource as much as possible - instant recall of these number facts is extremely beneficial. The pupils will also be set regular challenges on the Manga High and ActiveLearn websites.  The challenges help the children to practise and consolidate maths concepts, which are being covered during lessons.  Last year, it had a very positive impact on the progress of the children who regularly completed the challenges, so please encourage your child to log onto their account at home.

Science this half term will focus on 'Living Things and their Habitats'



The children will continue to develop their scientific ability to carry out observations and investigations.

Children will also learn to:

  • understand that animals can be classified into different categories
  • explain the Linnaen system of classification
  • have an understanding of micro-organisms. 
  • conduct an investigation into how mould grows. 


Religious Education


This half term, children will look at how to make Birmingham a more respectful community. We then go onto study Incarnation in Christianity: considering how Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, thinking about the qualities of a Messiah. 
This half term, both year 6 classes will continue to have a weekly PE lesson on a Thursday afternoon. This half term's lessons will focus on developing gymnastic skills.

Dates and Events

Homework is to be handed in every Wednesday


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