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The Reception Team:
Miss Brunt RB   
Miss Taylor RT

Mrs Bate    Miss Bishton    Mrs Phillips    Mrs Wilding 

General Reminders


Water Bottles, Wellies, Book Bags and PE kits
Please could you ensure that your child brings a named water bottle to school every day. We also ask that you bring in a pair of wellies, which will be kept in school, from your child's first week so they can access our outdoor learning environment. At the moment we ask that your child does not bring their PE kits or book bags. We will notify you when these items need to be brought into school. 

Important Dates:

Please note that dates may change and as of this moment we are unsure if we will be able to go ahead with many of workshops due to our school risk assessment.

If any dates change or there are any cancellations you will be notified.



Friday 23rd October – Sports Clothes Day £1 donation for School Fund

Friday 23rd October -  RT and RB Phonics Workshop to be uploaded 

Friday 23rd October – Break up for half term

Monday 2nd November – Return to school

Week commencing Monday 16th November - Parents Evening 

Wednesday 4th November - Reading Meeting TBC 

Friday 20th November – Teacher Training Day

Friday 27th November – Non Uniform day

Friday 4th December – Christmas Fayre TBC 

Thursday 10th December – Christmas Play 2pm TBC 

Friday 11th December - Christmas Play 9am TBC

Thursday 17th December – Christmas Party day

Friday 18th  December – Break up for Christmas


Tuesday 12th January - RB Mathematics Workshop TBC 

 Thursday 14th January – RT Mathematics Workshop TBC 


Please keep a close watch on the information below regarding the curriculum and key dates as it is regularly updated.


Our topic for this half-term is:

Me and My Community 



We have now started phase two of the Letters and Sounds Programme. The children will learn the letter sounds, tricky words, segmenting skills, blending skills and letter formation. Each week the children will learn 5 new sounds. During our phonics lessons the children will get a chance to read and write words with these new sounds in as well as practising letter formation.

At St Peter's we use lots of the resources that can be found on the Letters and Sounds website. They are free to download and can be very useful to use at home. Please do not hesitate to ask us about any of your phonics needs!


In Literacy we will be learning about our community. We will start by going on a walk to see what things we can spot in our local area. This will give us the opportunity to use the sounds we know to write labels for the photographs we have taken.

We will then go on to reading a story from Oliver Jeffers. In the story the little girl and her Daddy build a house. To link this story to Expressive Art and Design the children will build their own house or shop. We will then think about the materials and tools we used to make our house to write a list. 

We will finish the term by learning about rhyming words. At school we have a variety of lovely rhyming stories that we will read to the children to help them understand what rhyme is. The children will then write rhyming strings using their phonics knowledge and skills.

This half term we will be developing the children's number knowledge further. We will focus on working with numbers 1-5 by developing key skills such as counting accurately, ordering and sequencing numerals, using a 5 frame and recognising Numicon. We will then move on to finding one more and adding numbers within 5. After we will learn about 2d and 3d shape. The children will learn the shape names and some of their properties.


Understanding the World

In our topic we will be teaching the children about similarities and differences. On our community walk we will look at different types of houses and buildings. We will be encouraging the children to think about the purpose of these buildings and what they need for them to function correctly. The children will also have the chance to talk about their own opinions likes and dislikes. 


The children will also have weekly opportunities to use the computers in the ICT suite to complete simple programs that support current learning, draw their portraits on 2simple and create bonfire pictures.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development
The children will be involved within a weekly small group circle time. The children will take part in sessions learning about uniqueness, Remembrance Sunday, the importance of honesty, as well as understanding personal hygiene. The children all have a chance to talk about their knowledge and understanding of each topic as well as having the opportunity to listen to the ideas of others. This is a great time for the children to have detailed discussions about key topics. 


Physical Development

In PE will be developing the children's knowledge of hazards, safety in the hall and listening skills in a different environment. We will begin P.E this term by undertaking a range of games that involve the children using their listening skills. Once those skills have been developed we will then introduce equipment and focus on moving in a range of ways and balancing skills. The key focus for this term will be to encourage ALL the children to dress and undress independently, this usually takes a number of weeks. There will be lost shorts, t-shirts and pumps, so please ensure all P.E kit is named.

Expressive Arts and Design
This half term we will be teaching the children cutting and joining skills as well as colour mixing and creating different textures. We will explicitly teach the children how to use scissors and then move on to cutting different shaped lines using scissors. After the children have grasped this skill we will move on to joining skills. We will talk about all the different materials and tools we have available to join different mediums together. This will include glue, sellotape and masking tape, split pins and staplers.  The children then use the skills they have learnt to create their own 'junk model' house or shop linked to our 'Me and My Community' topic.

Also every week the children will take part in a music lesson. They start by learning different songs and thinking about their breathing techniques. Within this the children are taught about pitch, tempo, pulse and rhythm. They also have the opportunity to play the glockenspiel.


Wow, what an exciting term ahead it will be!





Meet the Teacher Powerpoint

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I hope this helps,

Mrs R x