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Homework Friday 3rd March


This week we would like the children to practise their segmenting and blending skills to read and write CVCC and CCVC words. Please practice reading and writing  the below words at home.

Challenge: Can you write these words in a sentence?


stop, spot, frog, track, glad, spin, trip, clown, down, brown, frown, prawl, spear, clear, flood and cloak  


We have also been learning to read and write compound words:


pondweed, lunchbox and desktop


The tricky words we have learnt are:


so, said, have, like, some and come




Week 2 - 30th March 2020


Please scroll down to find the heading Week 2 - 30th March 2020.

Here you will find some new resources you can use at home with your children. The Power Points are the teaching slides we have made and the other documents are activities to support the main teaching. We hope you find these useful! If you have any questions please contact us through Tapestry and we will get back to you ASAP. :) 


 Use these activities as a guide to continue to support your children at home.  Please note you do not need a printer to complete these tasks as you can emulate the sheets using paper from home.

We have also added more websites with numeracy, writing and reading games. Phonics Play (a website we use every day at school) has kindly let parents/children use their site without having to subscribe. Please use the details below to access a great online learning tool.

username: march20


Twinkl (an online resource base used by teachers) has also complied age banded packs for parents to use. There are various packs including numeracy, literacy and reading tasks. They have also been made free for parents to down load. Please follow the link -

We would like you to upload any photos or videos of what you get up to via Tapestry. We will look forward to keeping up to date with the learning you're doing at home. 


If you are unable to access the internet at home, or know a parent who is unable to access the internet please let us know. 




Welcome to Reception



The Reception Team:
Miss Brunt RB

Miss Taylor RT

Mrs Bate

Mrs Price

Mrs Davenport

Miss Bishton

Our topic for this half-term is

Why can't we eat chocolate for breakfast? 


General Reminders

Water Bottles and Book Bags
Please could you ensure that your child brings a named water bottle and a book bag to school every day.

Could we also ask that the children DO NOT put their water bottles in their book bags. Thank you!

Important Dates:

Please note that dates may change but you will be notified.


Friday 3rd April - Break up for Easter 


Monday 20th April - Teacher Training Day 

Friday 22nd May - Break Up for Half Term


Monday 1st June - Back to School 

Wednesday 24th June- Lego Workshop RB - AM RT - PM


Please keep a close watch on the information below regarding the curriculum and key dates as it is regularly updated.

Religious education 

This term our big question is ' Where do we belong?'. The children will start by thinking about why they are special. They will then go on to talk about the idea that each person is unique and valuable. The children will have the opportunity to talk about occasions when things have happened in their lives that made them feel special, from everyday events (a hug from a family member or friend) and special events (religious ceremonies and birthdays). We will then introduce the idea that religions teach that each person is unique and valuable too, for example by considering religious beliefs about God loving each person. 



The children have now finished Phase 3 of the letters and sounds programme.

When entering into Phase 4 programme, the children will know a grapheme for each of the 42 phonemes. They

Most of the children will be able to blend phonemes to read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words and segment in order to spell them. Children will also have begun reading straightforward two-syllable words and simple captions, as well as reading and spelling some tricky words.


In Phase 4, no new graphemes are introduced. The main aim of this phase is to consolidate the children's knowledge and to help them learn to read and spell words which have adjacent consonants, such as trap, string and milk


At St Peter's we use lots of the resources that can be found on the Letters and Sounds website. They are free to download and can be very useful to use at home. Please do not hesitate to ask us about any of your phonics needs!


This term we will be focusing on non- fiction books and we will start by introducing the children to books all about winter. In small groups the children will be able to look closely at non-fiction books to find out and listen to interesting facts about winter. This will help inform the children when they come to write their own words, captions or sentences. 

The children will have the chance to look at similarities and differences between fiction and non-fiction books and to start to understand some key features. Further on in the term we will be concentrating on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We will be teaching the children about a healthy balanced diet and the children will get a chance to make a healthy snack. They will then build on their skills by gathering information about a healthy lifestyle from non-fiction books. This will help the children to write their own non-fiction captions and sentences. Also this term the children will be introduced to rhyme. We will be teaching the children how to spot rhyming words by reading lots of rhyming poems and stories. The children will take part in lots of rhyming games and activities to help build up their understanding of rhyme. At the end of the unit the children will have chance to make up their own silly sentences using rhyming words they have learnt. Through 'talk for writing' strategies we will learn to retell the story of 'The Enormous Turnip'. This will include role play and actions to help embed the story so that the children will be able to write captions and sentences.  All of the children will have daily opportunities to write inside and outside the classroom. We will be building on all of the strategies they have learnt in phonics lessons to help the children spell and read words confidently


  This term we will start by looking at shape. The children will learn the names of basic 2D and 3D shapes as well as learning their properties to describe them. As part of number we will teach the children all about estimation. They will have the opportunity to estimate the amount of objects in a jar and write their predictions. Further on in the term we will introduce the children to subtraction. We will start by learning one less and move on to subtracting single digit numbers. The children will get the chance to apply their knowledge of number sentences, from addition, by writing their own. 


If you are interested in how we teach mathematics at St Peter's please see our calculation policy.


Understanding the World


This term our topic is 'Why can't we eat chocolate for breakfast?' This topic helps us teach the children the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet. We have spoken to the children already about what they know about a healthy diet. The children came up with their own questions about food and this term we will do our best to answer them. To help the children understand the different food types and about where food comes from, we will be taking a visit to Waitrose in Harborne. The children will be able to explore the store and go into the back of house areas to explore the loading bay and walk in freezers and chillers. 

 Later on in the term we will having a 'healthy week'. This will give the children the opportunity to learn about all the ways we can keep our bodies healthy, as well as consolidating anything they have already learnt.  We will be having a personal trainer visit the children who will talk about how to keep healthy and to deliver a work out session.

Also this term the children will be taking part in a science experiment about teeth and the effect our food and drink has on them. As part of the experiment the children will learn how to make predictions and use these skills to predict the outcome of the experiment. Throughout the term the children will have daily access to ICT through the use of Ipads and computers. They will be able to use simple programs to build on literacy and maths skills as well as using the computer to create drawings. 



Personal, Social and Emotional Development
The children will be involved within a weekly small group circle time. This term the focus is on rules which is linked to the 'British Values' scheme. This begins with the children thinking about what rules are, why we need them, coming up with rules for the classroom and thinking about rules they follow at home and in different places (in the car). The children will have the opportunities to express their ideas and thoughts and any feeling or worries they may have.


Physical Development

In PE will be developing the children's knowledge of hazards, safety in the hall and listening skills in a different environment. We will begin P.E this term by undertaking a range of games that involve the children using their listening skills. Once those skills have been developed we will then introduce equipment and focus on moving in a range of ways and balancing skills. The key focus for this term will be to encourage ALL the children to dress and undress independently, this usually takes a number of weeks. There will be lost shorts, t-shirts and pumps, so please ensure all P.E kit is named.

Expressive Arts and Design
This term the children will start by making their own bag using felt. To help develop their Design and Technology skills we will start be designing our bag. We will talk about different materials and explore tools we can use to join them.  The children will also have the chance to develop their sketching skills by creating their own still life drawings of vegetables.

Music is taught weekly and encourages the children to learn about patterns in music and rhythms.



As you may be aware, many children across the country are creating and putting rainbows in their windows. It is not just to say a huge thank you to all the NHS staff, but also a way of spreading hope and making people smile on their daily walk. We would really like the children to create their own rainbows and put them onto Tapestry and in their windows.  I have put a template on the web page for you to print off or use as an example. 



Wow, what an exciting term ahead it will be!




Visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!



Useful games and websites



Ordering numbers to 20 -

Ordering prices to 20p -

Place value -

One more to 20 -

One less to 20 -

One less to 100 -

Subtraction -

Number bonds to 10 -



Spelling phase 2,3 and 4 words -

Spelling phase 3 words -

Spelling Phase 3 words - 

Reading Phase 3 words -

Reading Phase 3 sentences - 

Reading Phase 3 sentences - 

Reading phase 4 words -

Reading Phase 4 words -

Sentence reading -

Sentence Substitution  -

Listen and read -

Listen and read phase 3 -



Design your own Easter Egg- Easter story, games and Easter cards. interactive ICT games ICT games ICT games




Phonics Workshop, Reading Meeting and Maths Workshop

Try reading online with EPIC.  You will be able to choose from fiction, non fiction, audio books and videos.  This is free until at least 30.06.2020


On a laptop/desktop/Chromebook 

Log in to 

Log in with the class code: sjv1325
Select your name from the list and start reading. 


On iOS/Android

Download the EPIC app

Select "Have an account? Log in"

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select your name from the list

If you have any problems logging in, or you cannot see your child's name on the list, email Mrs Rigby


Update!  It seems that some people are having difficulties logging in depending on the device being used.  If in doubt, click on my name to send an email and put 'Invite me'  as the subject.  I will then send you an email that can be used for access.


To find books suitable for your child's age, click in the search bar and search for a subject/title, then use the first tab on the left, 'AGE' underneath 'ALL' to filter results for the age you are looking for.


I hope this helps,

Mrs R x