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Mr Leonidas Anastasakis

My name is Leonidas Anastasakis and as you have figured out from the name I am Greek. When I came to the UK for the first time in a sunny September day in 1998, I couldn’t imagine that I will still be here not just myself now but in the company of my wife and our two sons. I am working at Aston Business School as a lecturer in Business Analytics having done a PhD at the University of Sheffield In Business Forecasting. My involvement with St Peter’s started in 2013 when my son Iakovos started his school journey in the Reception class.  After seven happy, stress-free but also educationally rewarding years at St Peter's he has now moved to a secondary school.  However, the family is still linked to the school since my second son Vangelis is a member of the school community enjoying every aspect of his school life.  This is predominately down to the effort of all school staff but also the love and kindness of his class mates.  With an emphasis on the school's Ethos and Christian values but also the respect of each pupil religious belief, St Peter's has been able to create an environment that learning can flourish.  This is what motivated me to join the school's governing body and in my role as governor I intend to work on securing that the school will continue to offer this experience to the pupils while at the same time address parents' concerns and queries.  Furthermore, as a member of the finance and building subcommittee I am working towards ensuring the sustainability and financial stabiity of the school.  Playing with my two sons and enjoying a nice bottle of preferably Greek wine with my wife is what I like most, but I am also interested (time permitted) in the company of a nice politics or history book.  Any parents please, feel free to talk to me during the morning dropping off or email me at  Hope all parents find my contribution to the school's governing body useful.