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Reading Volunteers 2023-2024

All our Reading Volunteers are fully DBS checked. If you are interested in joining our fantastic group of volunteers, please e-mail We are always grateful for any support you can provide, it doesn't need to be a weekly commitment.



Lead Volunteer: Tara Lister

Year group: 2

“I’m a parent of Noah in 5B. Via church I have volunteered to read in school for many years. I really enjoy hearing the children read- you build up a relationship through the books and in some cases the progress you see is brilliant. I’ve always encouraged Noah to read and love reading myself, you can lose yourself in the text- it’s a skill that you need even if it’s just reading the screen on a game. I feel the ethos of reading in St Peter’s really encourages everyone not just the most able.”


David Blower

Yeargroup: 6

“As a STEM ambassador, I decided to include assisted reading as part of my volunteering opportunity."


Helen Whitehead

Yeargroup: 5

“I have always loved reading. I come in to help unlock the children’s joy of reading and immersing themselves in the character’s story or by devouring knowledge.”


John (and Winston the Guide Dog!)



Heather Stokes

Yeargroup: 3

“Hi I’m Heather, mum to Finn (3W) & Freya (1B). I’ve been a volunteer reader since Nov with Year 2. The school have been so welcoming and it’s lovely to see how excited the children are to read to someone different. It’s been a very rewarding experience to take some time out 1-1 with the children to practice their skills and encourage them to enjoy their reading.”


Sister Jannafer Gates

Yeargroup: 3