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The Nursery Team
Mrs Bass: Teacher - Monday & Tuesday
Miss Burton: Teacher: -  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Mrs Price: TA - Monday to Thursday
Mrs Davenport: TA - Weds AM & Friday


Dear Parents, we are really looking forward to welcoming you and your children to Nursery in September. 
To familiarise your child with Nursery we recommend watching the welcome video from Mrs Bass Your child may also enjoy watching some of the home learning videos from Miss Burton


Nursery Checklist 

Please ensure you name all of your child's clothes and possessions

You will need to bring the following into Nursery:

- A named water bottle

- Wellington Boots in a plastic carrier bag

- Black velcro strapped PE pumps

- A sun hat when the weather is bright

 - A warm coat, hat and gloves when the weather gets colder - We try and go outside whatever the weather!

Please note, you do not need to bring a spare change of clothes for your child (due to coronavirus we wish to keep the cloakrooms as clear as possible). Should your child need them, there are spare clothes in our Nursery cupboard).


Nursery Opening

You and your child will be invited to a brief one-to-one meeting with their teacher during the week commencing 7th September.

Your child will then start their Nursery transition from the 14th September (times and dates will vary depending on which group your child is in)

Your child will be in one of the following groups. Please help to familiarise them with their animal group.

Full time - Monday to Friday: The Elephants
Part-time - Monday to Wednesday morning: The Giraffes

Part-time - Wednesday afternoon to Friday: The Zebras




Please keep checking back here for more information.

Congratulations to our Nursery children 2020! 


Watch a message from Miss Burton - watch the welcome to Reception video from Miss Brunt and Miss Taylor


If you think your child is a bit nervous about starting Reception, there is a book called The Worrysaurus that you might like to share with them - What are they looking forward to in Reception and is there anything they are worried about?


We are so proud of all the Nursery children and wish them and you a safe and happy Summer and a successful start to school in September.

From all the Nursery Team

Mrs Bass, Miss Burton, Mrs Wilding, Mrs Phillips and Mrs Davenport xx 


Food Glorious Food


Watch Miss Burton's videos to make your own sweet shop, cafe and host a teddy bear picnic -


Food Activities:

Read Sam's Sandwich - and try and make your own sandwich

Listen to Miss Burton read Green Eggs and Ham Are there any foods you don't like? Can you be brave like the cat in the story and try them again and see if you like them after all?

Make your own fruit kebabs - (use whatever fruit you might have and if you don't have skewers you can use a straw or just line up the pieces on a plate)

Read Supertato - Can you turn vegetables from your fridge into super heroes and super villains. Try acting out the story and see what ways you can find to trap the baddie!

Make your own weighing scales to use in your sweet shop


Go Mad for Minibeasts


Watch teacher videos with activity ideas around this topic -  


More activities: 
Build a minibeast hotel -

Watch how spiders make webs - Make your own web by cutting holes or slits around a paper plate and winding string around. Make a pompom spider - 

Watch the life cycle of a butterfly - Draw a butterfly and fold down the middle. Use paints to decorate the one side of the butterfly. Fold the paper in half, pressing down hard. Open up and you should have created a perfectly symmetrical butterfly.
Read 'Norman: The Slug with the Silly Snail' by Sue Hendra - Draw a snail without a shell and explore your home to find your own funny shells for your snail, just like Norman.

Paint a minibeast pebble - 

Useful Website Links - Please click to open. 

Educational Psychologist Helpline for Parents and Carers