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The Nursery Team
Mrs Bass: Teacher - Monday & Tuesday
Miss Burton: Teacher: -  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Mrs Price: TA - Monday to Thursday
Mrs Davenport: TA - Weds AM & Friday
Mrs Lavelle - Tuesday PM

Mrs Smith - Thursday PM

Miss Jammeh - Dinner Supervisor - Daily

Miss Marella - Dinner Supervisor - Daily



Nursery Checklist 

Please ensure you name all of your child's clothes and possessions

You will need to bring the following into Nursery:

- A named water bottle

- Wellington Boots in a plastic carrier bag

- Black velcro strapped PE pumps

- A book bag

 - A warm coat, hat and gloves when the weather gets colder - We try and go outside whatever the weather!

Please note, unless you think your child needs a spare change of clothes, please do not leave anything else in the cloakroom. Should your child need them, there are spare clothes in our Nursery cupboard.


Nursery Groups & Opening Times

Your child will be in one of the following groups: Giraffes or Zebras. Please help to familiarise them with their animal group.

Nursery drop off is at 9am and pick up is at 3pm. Please be prompt. if you are delayed, please inform the office so we can reassure your child.






This is our secure home learning platform. Teachers will post photographs of your child enjoying activities in Nursery, as well as sending you messages about your child or important information about up and coming events. You, as parents, are also able to upload photographs send messages to the Nursery staff.


You will have your own secure login.

When you are given the Home Learning Code, please login to Seesaw at as soon as possible. If you have any problems please speak to the Nursery staff.


A video explaining how to use Seesaw is given below, plus there is further information about how to login and set up Seesaw on our Home Learning page on the website.


Dates for your Diary


9th February - Break up for half term

19th February - Return to school

Week beginning 4th March - Parent's Evening

20th March - Easter Bonnet Workshop for children and parents


Please keep checking back here for more information

Our Curriculum - Spring Term 2 

Our topic this half term is…... 


As part of our topic we will be enjoying stories about farm animals (eg Farmer Duck), chicks, growing things (eg Jasper's Beanstalk)  and rhyming texts (linked to our phonics). We will be thinking about the changes that happen in Spring time, 'new life' and how this links to Easter and the Easter story.


Religious Education

In Nursery at St Peter's we follow the Jack in the Box scheme which has been developed by Early Years Specialists. Our worship sessions follow a familiar, repeated pattern with fun songs set to well-known tunes and a variety of learning strategies guaranteed to engage our children in the Bible stories. Children travel with Jack the dog to meet the Big Bible Heroes of the Old Testament and then on to learn all about Jesus and his love for the world, and the adventures of his friends and followers.  This term we will learn about the Easter story.


Communication & Language 

We will be listening to a variety of stories and . We will also be using our role play area to act out the stories we are reading, by remembering key phrases, characters and events. Children will begin to develop their answers to who, where and what questions. We will be using 'Word Aware' to help children use new vocabulary and use it within their play and learning. 



We will be continuing with Phase 1 Phonics in Nursery based on the school’s phonics scheme Supersonic Phonics Friends. We will listen carefully to the rhythm in words and phrases, clapping out syllables in words including our names. We will begin to recognise when words rhyme and listen out for rhyming words in songs, books and nursery rhymes. 



In Literacy we will be focusing on listening to a range of stories and helping the children engage with different reading materials, such as fiction and nonfiction books, labels and captions. We will talk more about the characters in stories and about how they might be feeling. We will be listening carefully to spot rhyming words and children will begin to fill in rhyming gaps. Children will continue to take home a shared reading book to share with you at home. They will independently explore the writing area, write over their name cards and begin to copy and write their name, or letters from their name on their work. 


Our Spine Books this half term are……. 




                                  Come On Daisy!                         Jasper’s Beanstalk                          Hairy MacLary

                                  By Jane Simmons            By Nick Butterworth & Mick Inkpen            By Lynley Dodd 




In Maths children will continue enjoying the Maths area, where they can explore shape and number. We will be helping children develop their 1-1 correspondence to count objects carefully from 1 - 5. We will explore the numerals 3, 4 and 5 and 6 and learn to recognise them and represent them with objects, such as out fingers. Children will begin to understand language related to height, length, mass and capacity such as tall, short, long, heavy, light, full and empty.


Understanding the World 

We will be helping children to understand the changes we see in Spring time and will talk about new life, chicks, lambs, changes in the weather, blossom on the trees and flowers beginning to grow. We will be planting seeds and watching them grow. The children will also talk about eggs, investigate what is inside them and what happens to them when we boil them! We will learn about the Easter story. When making Easter nests, we will find out what happens to chocolate when we heat it up in a microwave! We will continue to explore the outdoor learning environment and Forest School activities and use their senses outdoors to explore their world around them. Children will explore the natural objects they have found outside in the classroom. 


Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

This term the focus will be on using the environment’s equipment more confidently, taking care of the resources and using them appropriately. The children will be becoming more responsible for themselves and following the rules and routines in Nursery independently. Children will be able to follow 2-part instructions. They will listen to adults and their friends during play, small group and whole class discussions. Children will also confidently ask for help if they need it. We will also continue with our Growth Mindset characters, including ‘Have a go Joe’ and ‘Choosing Chimp’.   


Physical Development 

Children will continue to confidently access the outdoor PD equipment, experimenting with the climbing frame, scooters and balance bikes. They will be able to create movements and simple dance patterns. Through sessions such as ‘whole class drawing’, ‘Scrimbling’ (drawing shapes, lines and pictures to music on large sheets of paper on the floor) and creative activities in the classroom, we will continue to help the children develop their fine motor skills with pencils, chalks, oil pastels, paint brushes and scissors.  


Expressive Arts and Design 

As part of the topic of Spring and new life we will be making salt dough Easter eggs, using a variety of resources to impress into the dough to decorate them. Linked to design technology, the children will be looking at different toys, discussing whether they are battery operated or not and identifying which senses they use when playing with them. We will also talk about and sort home appliances and objects into those that use electricity, batteries and those that don’t. We will continue to develop our gross motor skills and the children will enjoy PE lessons where they will take part in 'Scrimbling' (using movements with crayons and chalks to make marks to music). In music lesson we will be continuing learning songs from 'Boogie Mites', beating out rhythms and learn the names of individual instruments.  

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