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Ethos Council

Ethos Council at St. Peter's CE school comprises of year 5 and year 6 children. They apply for a position at the start of year 5 and continue until they leave school at the end of year 6. Year 6 children look at the year 5 applications at the start of the academic year and decide who should have a place on the council. 

The group work alongside the headteacher Mrs Murphy and decide on our worship themes, the hymns we will sing each week and a Bible passage linked to the themes.  The year 6 members of ethos council support the headteacher with the end of term celebration assemblies. The children also monitor collective worship and the class worship areas in KS2 as well as our spiritual journey books in KS2. Last year they looked at the spiritual journey books with the vicar of St. Peter's church and fed back their findings to the class teachers. The children thoroughly enjoy being a part of the school's ethos council and the responsibility it brings.

Ethos Council 2023 - 2024

Samples of our Spiritual Journey Books