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Year 4

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Mr Burton - Mr Madzingo - Mr Jarrett  

Mrs Rigby - Mrs Bruce - Ms Malik


Please note that all Home Learning can be found on our 'Seesaw' Home Learning Platform.


Spring term 1 - 2021


This term, our topic is 'The Romans'. It will have a history/geography focus and our areas of study will include:

To understand where and how the Roman Empire began

Who were the Celts/Celtic tribes in Britain?

Exploring the events of Boudicca's rebellion from different perspectives

Developing a chronological understanding of the Roman invasion of Britain

How did the Romans change Britain?



This half term, we are going to focus on the book 'KRINDLEKRAX' by Philip Ridley. It will form the core of our reading and writing activities in this area of the curriculum.





 This half term, the units of work will focus on:

Number: Multiplication and Division

Measurement: Area



11 and 12 times table

Multiplying 3 numbers

Factor pairs

Written methods for multiplying and dividing



What is area?

Counting squares

Making shapes

Comparing area


Manga High school code: 67594

Abacus school code: hqx9




Our work will focus on:

Exploring and constructing food chains/webs

Identifying 'producers', 'consumers', 'prey' and 'predators'

Recognising that environments can change and how this can pose dangers to living things

Identifying the different types of teeth in animals/humans and their function



Topic: Leaders and Followers: Why does the Prophet matter to Muslims?

This unit of work will focus on key aspects of the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) life and teachings.





Don't forget the School Games Challenge - details below. There are prizes to be won and we could even become School Games Champions. smiley


School Games Challenge - Athletics Week!


As part of your P.E at home, we are asking children to take part in the School Games Challenge, which can be completed with minimal equipment. So far there has been a basketball theme; a tennis theme and this week it's athletics. To take part, please ask an adult to sign up to the School Games website. Once logged in, you will see the various challenges that need completing and a place to enter your scores. We are aiming to have as many children as possible complete the challenge, so our school can become School Game Champions! There are even prizes to be won :)


Sign up to :


Special Code : shenley


Have fun! Stay active!



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