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Year 4

 Welcome to Year 4

Miss Gibson/Mr Thomas

Miss Price and Ms Malik


• Autumn Term- Pharaohs

• Spring Term- I am Warrior (Romans) & Burps, Bottoms and Bile (Digestion)

• Summer Term – Road Trip USA & Potions (Solids, Liquids and Gases)

This term our topic will be:

Road Trip USA

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We will be looking at the United States of America. This foundation topic has a strong history and geography focus as well as delving into art, music and much more. Over this half term, we will learn about:

  • the geography of the American continents.
  • Native American art and culture.
  • planning a road trip across the USA.
  • the states of the USA.
  • music and art to come from modern America.







Class text 

The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy & Jane Ray 


 Image result for the lost happy endings

This term's unit of work will be based on the book 'The Lost Happy Endings'. As part of this work, children will write:

  • a newspaper report about the events of the book.
  • a dark twist on a traditional fairy tale. 


Children will also cover various SPAG (spelling punctuation and grammar) and reading objectives as part of this work. 



- Weekly spelling

- ERIC - Daily reading sessions in class (please ensure that your child has their reading book/diary with them each day).

- Handwriting - Develop a fluent joined handwriting style. 









In Year 4, we will continue to use the White Rose Maths strategy to develop children's mathematical understanding. 

Additionally, children will regularly practise their times table knowledge, working towards immediate recall of all multiplication and division facts up to 12 times table.


This half term:

· Children will build upon their knowledge of decimals including:

  • identifying tenths and hundreths
  • comparing, ordering and rounding decimals


· Children will then move onto dealing with money and time before then working on geometry, which includes studying the properties of shapes and then position and direction.

(Please see Maths Curriculum Page for more information on the Year 4 Programme of Study)


The pupils will be set regular challenges on the Manga High and Active Learn websites. The challenges help the children to practise and consolidate maths concepts, which are being covered during lessons.



Potions (Solids, Liquids and Gases)

Later this term, we will be starting our Potions unit in science, looking at the states of matter of the everyday objects around us and more. The children will also be learning:

· To identify the key features of gases, solids and liquids. 

· To sort objects into different states of matter.

· How and why different materials, elements and objects change from one state to another, e.g. ice to water to steam.

· The water cycle.


We will first be continuing our science topic:



As part of this topic, children will be taught to:


  • Identify how sounds are made.
  • Recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear.
  • Find patterns between the pitch of a sound and features of the object that produced it.
  • Find patterns between the volumes of a sound and the strength of vibrations.
  • Recognise that sounds get fainter as the distance from the source increases.





This term, our history work will be based upon our Road Trip USA topic. 

The children will:

· Learn about the ins and out of New York and its history.

· Learn a brief history of the USA.





Geography will also link to our Road Trip USA topic.

The children will use compassing and navigation skills to 'travel' across the States.





The children will be making Native American totem poles, painting dream catchers and weaving Native American designs.





Religious Education

In RE lessons this half term, we will be focusing on our Salvation unit of work in the build up to Easter. We will be exploring the question 'For Christians, what was the impact of Pentacost?'


 Physical Education

4G - Athletics (Monday PM)

4T  - Athletics (Thursday PM)

We've swapped days!






(Delivered by Mr Jarrett) 


French lessons will include:

Revision of numbers


Days of the week/Months of the year.



Key Dates



May 6th - Bank Holiday (school closed)

May 27th - Half Term

June 13th - 4G class assembly

June 20th - 4T class assembly

July 19th - last day of school








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